Monday, November 14, 2011

We started to take pre-orders for LCD bundle with new LVDS board

We moved to


  1. Will this board be compatible with the new beaglebone?

  2. No. BeagleBone has different pinout.

  3. hi!!

    my english is not good, but i hope you understand me!
    i'm lived in brazil, you can ship us? how much? how long time?

    my email:


  4. hello Brenel,

    We ship internationally. Standard mail shipping cost is $25 for bundle. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to reach customer. Tracking number of parcel is provided.

  5. Hello Brenel,

    Payment is done through PayPal. They allow credit cards payments without creating account. Just add bundle (at the bottom of main page) to shopping bag. Then go to shopping bag and press Checkout button. You will be directed to PayPal website to enter shipping address and payment details. Contact me by email if have any problem with payment.

  6. Hi,

    I am in Penang, Malaysia. I would like to receive the Bundle package on 1st week of December. May I know the delivery charge by using DHL? Thanks.

  7. Hello KH Ooi,

    Please, drop me e-mail to ace.x.ace gmail com.

  8. Hi.

    I need only the LVDS board to the beagleboard rev C4, because I have the LCD screen (LTN156AT05 301 SAMSUNG), I need to know if I could work with this LVDS board in my project. and How much LVDS board cost?

  9. Hello Esteban,

    Yes, it will work with your LCD, but you will need external 12V power source for LED backlight.

    Just board will be available for sale after Dec-1. Currently, we accept orders for bundles only. Board will cost $34.99.

  10. I was wondering if you could explain how this board works for 18-bit panels. In the SN75LVDS83B datasheet (p16 and p18) they show different connections for 24-bit and 18-bit panels.

  11. Hello GI,

    You should make the difference between 2 LVDS formats:
    Format 1. when 2 most significant bits of each color are transferred over the 4th data channel (RX3 in our case). We call it MSB format.

    Format 2. when 2 least significant bits are transferred over RX3. We call it LSB.

    Our first PCB supports MSB mode, and allows to connect any 24-bits MSB panel to BB or PB. This format is widely used by LCD for industrial applications, like those from NEC, Sharp, Litemax, etc. But most of cheap LCD panels (like those in netbooks) have just 18-bits LVDS bus, and they required kernel patching for BB to work with our first PCB. That's the reason we designed v2 PCB. It works with 18-bits panel, and also supports 24-bits LSB panels. SN75LVDS83B misses 24-bits LSB connection diagram, but you can refer to p.7 block diagram and to datasheet of any 24-bits LSB LCD to understand how 2 LSB bits are packed in RX3 channel.

  12. Thanks for the details. While I was reviewing this I found another site which details what you're talking about. The site is

    From my research it seems that most of the available panels are only 18-bit except for as you mentioned some industrial or higher end panels. I was actually surprised to find that most of the laptop screens are only 18-bit. If you had selected a higher resolution LCD panel I would pre-order your bundle

  13. Hello GI,

    It was the only choice for inexpensive 10" LCD panel with capacitive touchscreen and ready LVDS cable - exactly what most people need for hobby and educational projects.

    You can source any required higher resolution LCD panel by yourself, and then use our LVDS board to get connected. Single PCB without bundle will be available in store early December.

  14. This looks like exactly what I wanted to do myself for my carputer project, even down to programmatic control of the display brightness (since the car already knows whether it should dim the display due to the lights and instrument brightness control). Do you provide the source to the code in the PIC or would it be a matter of rewriting from scratch to get things just right? :)

  15. Hello electric-monk,

    This is open-source project, so all source codes will be published of course. Currently, we work on PIC firmware, and I will publish sources right after it will be tested and ready for release. BTW, it will have custom brightness control through I2C interface.

  16. Hi,
    I am going to connect the LCD + Touchscreen to the Pandaboard, with Android Froyo/GingerBread. May I know if the LCD + Touch screen need addtional driver to be ported into the kernel? if the drivers are given, and where can I download it? Thanks.

  17. Hi,

    Would just like to know a bit more about the touch screen device, and if the multi-touch is already supported at the kernel level. I'd to buy the bundle, but would just like to understand better the effort it'd be needed to have it fully working as a multi-touch device (with the max of 2 pointers).

    My idea was to push the support and enablement at the Linaro kernel, and also use it at the Ubuntu LEBs we produce at Linaro.

  18. Hello KH Ooi,

    It is standard USB HID touchscreen and is supported by Linux kernel. Of course, you will need to re-compile kernel to include USB HID touchscreen driver.

  19. Hello rsalveti,

    Frankly speaking, I didn't tried multi-touch myself, but I believe it should be not a problem, keeping in mind that this touchscreen uses standard Microsoft HID structure for multi-touch. See page 11-12 of LCD datasheet (link to datasheet is located on the top of this blog).

  20. Hi Andrew,
    I ordered the 10" TFT package with the LVDS board.. I have been writing you emails at "ace.x.ace at" to confirm my order, but haven't received any response.. Can you please respond to my email and let me know when it will be shipped...


  21. BBLVDS do you have any email to contact you ?


  22. I've not heard anything back about my order either regarding shipping or replies to e-mails - what's happening?

  23. Okay, I received my LCD :) Just need to figure out how to connect it up...

  24. Is the pinout the only thing preventing this from running on the beaglebone? Would I be able to plug it into a protoboard first and reroute the pins to their proper destinations?