Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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  1. Hi,
    is it possible to get pic12F and android source code ?
    about hardware, is it possible to get only the 10" LCD/touchscreen/ambient light ?

    kind regards

  2. hello how are you need to make a query.
    Based on your scheme did the same for the plate LG170E03 monitor, unlike what you wear. this monitor needed for each pixel (odd, even). As you replace the integrated using a DS90C387 used to move from simple pixel dual pixel.Segui your schema and place it and it works all right adjusting resolution, color depth, but no. 24bpp monitor is according to specifications. but when I put in the settings angstrom 24bpp the mall are all colors, the strange thing is that when you Sète at 16 are much better colors on the monitor (so as it should be aunq lacks the depth of 24 course )
    probe several things but I can not understand why, nose if you may set something in the angstrom to some other type of adjustment.
    If you want I can spend my design scheme.

    I hope your answer.


  3. I have ordered a LVDS for a Beagle Board do i need this board too?

  4. hi
    I want to buy 12" LCD LVDS bundle with touch screen and ambient light sensor. So Do you have it? or do you know where can I get it?. If I can't buy 12" model, I will buy your product(10"LCD LVDS bundle with touch screen and ambient light sensor)

    my email :

    Thank you